Carla’s Poem

Lonely feelings where did you come from?

Making me feel like I’m the only one.

Feeling so weak and sad.

How could I possibly feel this bad?

I am a child of God, you see!

This can’t be happening to me.

What have I done, where did I go wrong?

Is this attack going to last long?

I can’t take it, I’m about to break.

Then your love floods in like a lake.

I hear your whisper, child, I love you.

Why do you doubt my love is true?

The cause of your problems is easy

You’ve gotten so busy, you took your eyes off of me.

O Lord, please forgive me for turning my eyes

Putting my focus on me and believing the lies

O Father I don’t want to live this way

I don’t want to go astray.

Life without you is not worth living

Your presence makes my heart sing.

Thank you Lord, for forgiving me

And reminding me where my eyes need to be

Focused on you and nothing else

Giving you the glory and not myself

Walking by Faith and not by sight

Getting in YOUR word, and shining YOUR light

Giving YOU my everything

O Lord, your praises I will sing

You Lord are the only way

YOU give me strength to make it through today

To do the things you called me to.

To live my life solely for You.

Thank you Lord, for this time you spent with me

You opened my eyes to the truth, so I can see

During these times, I have never been alone

I just needed to stop and fall, before your Throne.


Written on December 29, 2005 by Carla Todd

Given by the Lord.