garfield_newyear2There is an old Garfield comic that i was actually looking for.. Garfield was laying in his bed, covers over his head.. first pane reads, “So this is 1980” (or some year) , next pane he sticks his tongue out, and the final pane he’s covered in his bed again, “Taste the same”

This year does not taste the same.  I’m at a new job, in a new city, in a new house going to a new church.  From the first time I made my first trip to Dallas to do some work out here I knew that i needed to pay attention on how to get around the town.  I figured i might be spending a lot of time up here.  Last July I got the offer for the job and made the move in December. Continue reading 2014

another week in the books

Ever had one of those weeks?  Yup.. that was this past one.  so monday night was like any other.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I wanted to get to bed early to be rested for a job interview i had on tuesday.  I had a good dinner, went to sleep around 10.   Megan had some friends over and they were up outside in the porch for a while.  around 4 or 5, not sure, patti got up to let the cats out (can’t they wait until the sun’s out?) and discovered that megan’s car was gone.  she checked on megan and she was still here.  after a semi-coherent interrogation patti was able to find out that the car was left in a parking lot on the other side of town.  (mind you, i’m asleep through all this) patti gets up and to the car to put note on it.  So i guess megan’s awake now and hungry.  goes to make some soup and somehow spills the fresh soup over herself.  her foot actually.  she comes crying into our room where i’m still fast asleep.. the lights are out and she’s obviously in pain.  being the guy that i am… i fix the problem, put some burn cream on the foot and shoo her off to bed.  back to sleep.

a few minutes later she’s still up in pain.  i think i was awake enough to ice down her foot this time, and patti showed up shortly after.  she took megan over to the ER and i went back to bed.  so i finally get up and off to the interview.  That ended up going fairly well.  Mostly quizzing.  I was able to leave all their questions answered.  the only major drawback to the job is that it would probably put me back in weslaco, where i’m trying to get closer to mcallen.  Finally get the story on the car.  she must have drive up along a curb.  ended up shreding the tire and messing up the suspension. 

wednesday morning patti’s taking hannah to school only to find that her tire is flat.  ok.. so we change the tire.  she goes on to Discount tire, and in her words..

Patti Kohrt Discount Tires on McColl and Trenton fixed my flat tire for free today with the request that I promote them and tell my friends about them. Since most of my friends are on facey-space, I thought I would use this venue. If you need tires or tire services, please go see Josh and the boys over there. Now, two and 1/2 hours later, I am finally on my way to work!

so a new week.. new chances… we’ll see what happens.

Hello World

It’s been an amazing past week. Well, it started off… um.. hectic. And kind of drug on. With all the changes going on at work and then elaine… lots of long nights. I don’t think i’ve been to bed before midnight for at least 8 days now. Thursday began another long night with Richest of Fare rolling in. But when friday night came and we had the first night of worship, it was like being recharged all over again. Saturday morning/afternoon was the worship conference. It turned out really well. I got to audit the media session (go figure) being lead by Bean. I really enjoyed getting to participate and meet other guys doing the same thing i’m doing in their own church. We ended up having such a good time we kicked out the 2nd session and just continued on with ours. (actually we just relocated the session that was going to take over the building)

Then that evening we had another night of worship. This one was even better than the 1st. Everyone got touched one way or another. Even the guys in my team ended up laid out on the floor. I ended up being the only one with a rolling camera.

Tonight is the last worship session and then life is going to resume back to normal. But hopefully, not. Not that i couldn’t use the rest but hopefully the fire will continue to burn with in those who got touched. Marc called it out last night. (note to self, insert podcast here, another not to self, actually create the podcast to load here) I have to hand it out to Gideon, Adam and Jeremiah. These three guys kept me sane. I couldn’t have done it without their help. Seriously. They were the strenght and brains behind everything that happened. They kept all the buildings going, they kept the band hydrated, they kept the cameras rolling, they made sure everything behind the scenes stayed behind the sceens. They are great. I love these guys. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

Kung Pao

no.. it’s not one of ours, but a very interesting site none the less.

some guys have all the luck, er time.

Not me clearly,

been working on another secret project at the radio station that primarly invovles my development and implementation as well as some things for Billy do to which me’s he’s going to ask me to most of them for him.  This get’s kicked into high gear next week, the week i tried to take vacation.  Tommrow elaine hollar starts her stent here.  Saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday.

then tursday Richest of fare show up so i need to have the stage cleared after elain and before they show up to setup a concert type stage.  they play friday night, saturday morning/afternoon workshops, saturday night, sunday morning and sunday night.  And on top of that, an event at the live stock show that saturday, two new satelite shows on saturday that i’m gonig to have to be at the station for at the same time i’m at this night-o-worship at church.

Did a career day thing at my old alma-mater this morning.  it was actually fun.  I took some equiptment to demostrate and let the kids talk “on the radio”.  i was strange being back their.  i never minded school all that much, just all the short little people.

saturday morning

It’s raining outside, i’m still in bed and passing time by watching old Crash Test Dummies Videos.  The kind of morning that you really don’t want to do much more than lie in bed.  Other saturday morning favories include…

Garfield and Friends reruns

Wierd Al videos

sometimes even the memorial of Jim Henson.

just one of those mornings.

Been working on a video for the Keller’s for a few weeks now.  Just sent the 1st review off with them last night.  We’ll get their edits from than and hopefully have the final ready by wednesday.  It’s been a different concept than what i’m used to, but i’m fairly happy with the way it came out.  I’m used to the shock and awe type of approach, this one is much more suttle.

life back to normal

The holidays are finally over.  Work has been empty the past few days.  everyone taking their vacation, the holidays, and the just overall lack of christmas spririt has made it kind of gloom and creppy to be at.  It’s almost been a ghost town.  Tommrow will be the first full week in a while.  I’m actually kind of looking forward to it. Even at church, their hasn’t been any regular wednesday services.  Hannah’s had her friend over this past week.  He just went home today.  So i’ve been sleeping lightly, listening to every sound in the middle of the night.  Arryn really is a good kid thought.  He wasn’t any trouble at all and even kind of fun.  Doesn’t mean i didn’t stay up at night.  It will be nice to sleep soundly.

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, there’s no escaping it. It’s that time of year again…a time we often greet with equal parts joy and tension. Of course, I’m talking about Thanksgiving — the one day where my family gathers ’round to see how much I can actually eat in 24 hours. It’s sort of like a contest where no one can truly be called a “winner”…

But the truth is, I love Thanksgiving. It’s that rare holiday with no gifts to buy or cards to send…a time to simply gather together, catch up, and enjoy one another (and pie — pie never hurts). I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by all the things and people you love…

Mcdonalds and a new pasttime

Went to lunch at mcdonalds here in weslaco. They have been doing some remolding behind the counter over the past few weeks. I was curious as to what had changed. It looks like they installed a robot in the drive thru lane. This thing would read the drink order from the POS unit, then dispense the cup, a claw would place the cup in a “cup holder” that would spin around the soda/ice dispenser. The cup would then rotate around to the proper position and it would automatically dispense the ice and drink. the person at the window still had to grab the cup from the holder, put a lid on it and wipe off all the splash that would fall around the cup.
The Lord of Funk shared a game this morning that i have found myself addicted to. He’s also the one who turned me me to Tower Defender. This is basically the same concept only geekeier. (is that even a real word?)
Check out Rack-A-Node for yourself. I’m assuming no responsibly for any lost productivity as a result.


it’s been a fun weekend.  Got to help Randell at the race track for “Nationals”  It twas actually kind of fun.  Watching 28 cars on the track all at once and everyone is tring to be in the top 12.  It’s kind of like watching hockey but instead of sticks the guys have 1/4 tons of weight behind them.  It’s also sort of wierd because your sitting around waiting for the next wreck. 

Also working on a plan to upgrade the main console at the church.  Going from a 14 year old mackie SR40x8 to a DigiDesign Venu D-Show console.  I could go on an on about what this thing can do but it will probably just bore you.  If you need a good nap click the link and read for yourself.  In the mean while i’ll just sit here and drool.

exciting afternoon

For the past week, i’ve been working on planning the transistion of moving our telephone provider at work from Verizon (yuck) to Smartcom (yea)  This includes adding a PRI circut and a channelbank from Smartcom to provide our CO trunks.  No big deal right?  well.. all of our current CO trunks are comming from a whole other room than where our PBX is.  And the wiring was originally done right, but as things kept getting added and removed and added and removed, well.. it just became unorginized.  So tonight i’m pulling it all out.  After that, i’m going to replace it in a method that makes sense.  and when it comes time to move over finally, then all i have to do is move a few wires and volia!  I’m planning on going back to work after church to start all this fun so i left early today to get some rest while i still could.  I’m driving home and miss my exit and couldn’t get over to the right fast enough to make it.  ok.. fine. i’ll get off on 2nd.. well.. as i’m trying to get off on 2nd/10th street a bang and then a huge clould of white smoke.. so much that i coudln’t see through it.  I figured the car in front of me must have had a blown out.. so that green tahoo moves over off to the side and when the smoke finally cleared, i pulled up behind them only to see this little kid laying on the ground.. everyone is getting out of the car and the dad i guess gets out of the drivers side and scoops up this kid on the pavement.  As i approach the car it’s got flames comming out from the rear of it’s undercarriage.  So i motion for them to get behind my car and ask in my best spanish if there was anyone else in the car.  people were stopping and all of a sudden there must have been about 4 different fire extingishers right there putting out the fire.  there was also an ambulance right there behind us who just happened to be there.  they took the girl who was just scratched up a bit around her face.  Must have freaked out and tried to jump out of the car?  by the time the fire got there and police eventually, all the fun was extinguished and all they had to do was push the car off the ramp.  oh well.. it promises to be an exciting night.