Pat Fleet

You may not recognized the name but you know the voice. Pat Fleet is the voice of AT&T. Recently i’ve been searching for voices for the phone system here at work and i came across these recordings of her’s. I have to say.. she’s got a sense of humor.

Rotary Phone?
All your base are belong to us
for the lyrics to…
to infurate our tech staff..

more funny recordings…

Pat Fleet Pat Fleet’s “AT&T” is one of the most recognized sounds in the United States. Described as a “mega star” of phone voices by Ted Koppel on ABC’s Nightline and affectionately called “Ma Bell” by telephone workers, Pat has been the voice behind literally tens of thousands of telephone recordings since 1981 – speaking to millions of callers daily with coin and credit card requests, explaining services or just thanking them for using AT&T…

engineers with too much time on their hands

or have watched “stomp” to much

At home i’m working on a project, i’m sure by now you’ve all see the “wizards of winter” video where the guy sync’s the christmas lights in his house to music. Well. I found the software and hardware the guy uses. Over the weekend i played around with the software. Tonight we’re going to add some more lights and change some of the cabeling. should be done by tonight.

going on…

What’s been going on the life of john? Last week just before i was heading out for the thanksgiving break, quite literally, i saw a package up front. It was the Audemat FMB80. I had been waiting for several years to get one of these and it finally arrived. And of course, i just had to go install it right then and their. So off i went to the KBFM transmitter and plugged this puppy in. it does so much more than the old inovonics 711 we had in their. If you have an RDS on your fm reciever, you can tune in KBFM and see the difference.
I also began working on a problem here at work. Well.. i don’t know about a problem, but a new project. I have a screen here where i can watch the call logs coming in and out of the station. I started monitoring the logs to trace traffic. what was being used, where, and how often. Mostly to help me size up the system and help me find what to get rid of and what to keep. Well after all those cost saving things have been implemented now i just watch to make sure no errors come up or any strange calls.
Well. After all this time i can look at them at a glance and i can recognize normal activity and ab-normal activity. This was strange.. 20 minute calls into one of the stations request lines. Which meant the person who called, called on the toll-free number.. meaning we were picking up the tab on that. and not just one call but several long calls. So began my quest for setting up a routing table to test the caller-id information and treat the call based on that. I think i got that problem nipped in the bud. I’ve taken it a step further and wanted to setup some pre-recorded announcements. But i wanted them to sound like the official “if you want to make a call.. please hang up and dial again” (why else would i have picked up the phone?) So i started looking around for some recordings and found this one i think i may have to employ during april fools on one of the station numbers.

Dumb Verizon, again..

no kidding…
they did it again. they do it about twice a year.. sometimes more. Being in the city of weslaco, we’re kind of isoloated from the rest of the civilized world. This is one of the few areas that is in Verizon (formly GTE) terroritory. And verzion corporate treats this area as a bastard child sometimes. But- i got a leg up on them this time. I’ve been working here 6 years now.. and so i’ve come to expect these outages. Between satelite backup systems for network access, three other phone carriers in my building and fully re-routeable phone numbers, the most people noticed at the office was the fact that none of their cell-phones worked. We used to spend over $2400 a month to verizon. i have about $900 in credit with them now. I’ve moved so much stuff off their network i have them their just for the sake of not comptlely disconnecting their service from our building. so i have 3 lines left from over 50.
Anyway.. most people didn’t notice. except me. today of all days, we had KHKZ doing live broadcast from the cinemark theater in harligen, they went on at 3pm and aren not getting out till.. maybe now? not really sure. That was hampered nicely by this event. Also i have a big concert annoucment today at the dodge arena. I can’t really say who’s coming down.. at least not yet. ask me when this things over. Remember when garth brooks came down? alan jackson? brad paisley? peanuts compared to this guy.
so my original backup method of (orginal backup) of getting audio from the arena to the studio got fowled up with someone’s backhoe. my original method was to use the tieline with it’s sprint wireless network but that’s over in harligen with HotKiss. So my 2nd choice was to take my laptop and stream the audio back to the studio over the internet. Well.. that posed a whole other logistical nightmare. i finally got the method to work and then some overzelous fiber cutting guy runied that plan. so now i’m calling over a Scoop. It’s basiclaly a fancy cell phone with XLR mic inputs wired up to the house mixer. oh well.. some how or another we’ll get this thing on the air. I’m reminded of the time i had my cell phone on speaker phone on the podium at the L&F conference room.. ha.. good times.

Mcdonalds and a new pasttime

Went to lunch at mcdonalds here in weslaco. They have been doing some remolding behind the counter over the past few weeks. I was curious as to what had changed. It looks like they installed a robot in the drive thru lane. This thing would read the drink order from the POS unit, then dispense the cup, a claw would place the cup in a “cup holder” that would spin around the soda/ice dispenser. The cup would then rotate around to the proper position and it would automatically dispense the ice and drink. the person at the window still had to grab the cup from the holder, put a lid on it and wipe off all the splash that would fall around the cup.
The Lord of Funk shared a game this morning that i have found myself addicted to. He’s also the one who turned me me to Tower Defender. This is basically the same concept only geekeier. (is that even a real word?)
Check out Rack-A-Node for yourself. I’m assuming no responsibly for any lost productivity as a result.

This was amazing

i think i even shed a quick tear when i was watching this.

The description pretty much sells itself.

Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived

Yep. Time to take a second mortgage on your home or break into your kid’s college fund. With the singing of angels and a ray of sunlight parting the clouds, the fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has descended from Russian design studio Art Lebedev like an orgasm of geekiness. As you should know by now this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key… that’s 113 screens in all. What can you do with these tiny screens, you ask? Well, each key can change its image dynamically depending on what you’re doing. Hold down SHIFT and all keys go uppercase. Run Photoshop and you can set it so each hotkey has an image representing its function. Set a key to monitor your CPU usage or display what iTunes track you are currently playing. You can make a key into a tiny clock with moving hands and play animated gif files or even quicktime movies. Of course all this futuristic technology is going to cost you a pretty penny… but we figure you’ll just expense the Optimus and tout its “incredible increased efficiency when using PowerPoint hotkeys” in your expense report summary.