We the jury..

With the reading of the verdict today, and everyone giving their two cents, here’s my two cents.. or at least a penny for my thought. It was hard not to watch the trial, with every news station carrying some of it every time i flipped the channel it was hard to avoid. I didn’t know all of the facts but i had seen enough to see what was going on. The verdict didn’t come as a surprise. What did surprise me was the reaction of everyone else. Having gone through my own civl duty experience, I had an understanding of what it’s like to sit in a deliberation room for hours, knowing in your heart that someone was guilty, but according to the law, there just isn’t enough evidence to remove all doubt. Is it a flawed legal system, perhaps. Is it perfect, no. But it sure is alot better than some countries where you have to prove your inocense- not guilt. At least it’s a trial at all. Last night my wife and I found TNG on Netflix. We started with the first episode, “Farpoint Station”  The basic plot was.. Picard and his crew were put on trial for the crimes that humanity has committed.  The stage of the trial was deemed as a fair method of passing judgment.

With all of the unanswered questions, the holes in the stories, the fact that after all of the dirty laundry has been put on the table, everyone has something to be guilty for.  But were they able to find, as the law had written, that guilt?  I don’t see how they could. “Beyond a reasonable doubt. ”  Seams like a simple enough term.  That is until your forced to put it into context.  I find myself full of self-doubt all the time.  There isn’t many things that i don’t doubt.  I don’t envy those 12 who had to sit through all those days in court for their $36 dollars a day.  Next time my name is pulled for jury duty.. i think i’m wearing a confederate t-shirt with the words “fry ’em” on it.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Vote:

Voting publicly recognizes that we submit to the authority of the political system in our nation as established by God. Romans 13:1-7

Voting recognizes the equality of all people and their right to speak and be heard. James 2:1

Voting is one way that we can obey God’s command to seek the good of those around us and our nation as a whole. Philippians 2:3

Voting shows that we care deeply about who our leaders are as we are urged to offer prayer and intercession on their behalf. 1 Timothy 2:1,2

Voting is a simple yet significant way we can do something about politics in our nation. ‘All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, Edmund Burke. Psalms 34:14

Voting makes a difference in the same way a grain of salt makes a difference, and that is how we are to influence our society for good. Matthew 5:13

Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted. Those of us who reap the benefits of living in a democracy should play a part in upholding democracy.

Not voting is a form of voting, as it will influence the outcome. We need to take responsibility for our actions, as well as our lack of actions. I Peter 1:13

Voting is part of our stewardship to use all the resources we have been given in ways that honor God; to waste a vote is to squander a gift.

Voting is Biblical. Jesus commands us to fulfill our responsibility to the civil authority. Matthew 22:21

* Source: Adapted from Florida Family Policy Council and Let Freedom Ring, Inc. which referred to original source: “Factfile: Top Ten Reasons to Vote” by Kandiah Krish in “Just Politics.”

i voted, leave me alone now

The day the polls opened for early voting, i was their.  I was number #31 on the list.  I just couldn’t stand another news report, commercial, yard sign or email defaming one of the candidates.  So i made up my mind, i pushed the button.  They can’t sway me any longer. 

Complacient? Niave? Just don't care anymore?

So the sky if falling around me and it’s just life as usual around here.  Our economy is going down the toilet, health care cost are skyrocketing, along with fuel prices, and i could have sworn i heard my 401k make an audible thud this morning.  I almost don’t want to watch/listen to the news anymore.  Being a “news junkie” i never thought i’d find myself at this point but i can already tell you what they are talking about.  I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

Perhaps i’ve found myself to distracted and consumed by other things in my life.  Patti is still not back to her normal health.  That on top of the work she does in the real estate industry, stresses on her so much.  And i’m completely helpless to do anything for her to ease her struggles.

Even in our community we’re hearing and seeing the same thing.

The state of mind that I am in is one of little to no tolerance for ignorance (really carelessness is what it is…meaning just not giving a bleep as long as you’re happy and not inconvenienced and being content to not know the truth so you can’t be held accountable) in the body. I am frustrated (not offended as some would like to think) simply frustrated. There is a dire need in this “American way of living” for real conviction, for people who will stand up for what is right at all times, regardless of the loss of respect, friendships, family, jobs or whatever man kind deems important. This is where I am…where I have been. – Sojourner

Am just feeling like a lemming waiting for someone to jump first?  Am i just to distracted worrying about Patti?  It goes without saying that my concentration hasn’t been very.. um.. concentrated?   Maybe we should all just uproot and go to canada.  I don’t know why but that’s actually been on my mind alot lately.  Doesn’t have to be toronto… maybe one of the smaller towns.  Listowell was really nice.  Especially in the winter when everything was white.  You could come home to a fireplace, warm chocolate, basements.. sigh.

what am i looking for in a president?


all we need is for our president to have one bad mood day and get itchy with that big red button.  “who needs midol, i have 12 nukes of the coast of greenland”

i want someone who has the same moral track record.  I enjoy flapjacks but not flip flops. 

Although Mitt Romney i’m sure is a decent person, and i know lots of really smart Mormans, Glenn Beck for one, given the choice i’d probably give my religious vote to Mike Huckabee.  I appreciate his views on abortion and the family.

My experience vote however hands down belongs to Rudy Giuliani.  I like his tough politics approach.  Not the kind of person to take crap from others.  I like that.

Incentive wise, Barack Obama had some really great things to say about Taxes, welfare and fuel.  His use of the faith card and lack of a faith demonstration does count as a few demirts.

All this of course is dynamic and i’ll be updating this post frequently as i get the urge.