Hello World

It’s been an amazing past week. Well, it started off… um.. hectic. And kind of drug on. With all the changes going on at work and then elaine… lots of long nights. I don’t think i’ve been to bed before midnight for at least 8 days now. Thursday began another long night with Richest of Fare rolling in. But when friday night came and we had the first night of worship, it was like being recharged all over again. Saturday morning/afternoon was the worship conference. It turned out really well. I got to audit the media session (go figure) being lead by Bean. I really enjoyed getting to participate and meet other guys doing the same thing i’m doing in their own church. We ended up having such a good time we kicked out the 2nd session and just continued on with ours. (actually we just relocated the session that was going to take over the building)

Then that evening we had another night of worship. This one was even better than the 1st. Everyone got touched one way or another. Even the guys in my team ended up laid out on the floor. I ended up being the only one with a rolling camera.

Tonight is the last worship session and then life is going to resume back to normal. But hopefully, not. Not that i couldn’t use the rest but hopefully the fire will continue to burn with in those who got touched. Marc called it out last night. (note to self, insert podcast here, another not to self, actually create the podcast to load here) I have to hand it out to Gideon, Adam and Jeremiah. These three guys kept me sane. I couldn’t have done it without their help. Seriously. They were the strenght and brains behind everything that happened. They kept all the buildings going, they kept the band hydrated, they kept the cameras rolling, they made sure everything behind the scenes stayed behind the sceens. They are great. I love these guys. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

all good things…

must come to an end.

Last night was probably the last “quiet” night Patti and i will have this spring break weekend.  All the kids have been gone, the house has been quiet, the kitchen’s been clean, no fluffies on the carpet. 

It was a nice and needed rest.  Tonight Marc needs a recording done so i’m going to give Protools a good workout tonight.  Tomorrow the youth are having a clean up day so i’ll spend part of that mastering the recording session and the other half helping them build their “arcade”

All in all, it’s been a great week.  Patti and i got to spend alot of time together.  We got to visit some friends over the weekend, I added some plugins to our dididesign system, i added a domain controller to an existing AD, i got to hand out with the Leals twice this week.  It’s amazing how much free time we actually have. 


In a former life, i would probably rush at the chance to get to go.  Partly for the chance to get out of the valley.  out of the valley people.. or more specifically,stupid valley people.

not to mention the chance to experience the culture and the people and the people with culture.  and i absolutely love the city.  if i was living somewhere else, that would probably be where.

i’ll just have to live vicariously through them i guess.

you have not because you ask not

Talk about amazing.  My sister brought two tax bills that we had on some property the both of us have together at the ranch.  Originally this was going to be several thousands of dollar between the bills.. and lawyers fees and penalty and interest, but then we got a call from one of the taxing entities that we didn’t ow all that other stuff.. just the base amount.  1st blessing.  Still quite a bit of money though, well today out of the blue i get called into my bosses office with the business manager there.

not to big of a deal, no need to worry.  maybe they broke something..


at the same time…

ended up being a bonus.  quite an unexpected suprise.  then after that one of the sales ladies give me a starbucks card for helping her with her laptop.  and then another friend gave me $50 for helping her with her laptop.  It’s amazing to see how well God takes care of us.. and i can always see him up their with the “checks in his hand” just waiting for someone to ask for them.

my jury duty experience

I’ve been getting summons since i was 18.  literally the month after i turned 18 they were asking for me but they never wanted me.  I’ve gotten called to jury duty in rio grande city but they didn’t want me because i didn’t live in rio.  i got called once to somewhere in the valley but the day before they called saying they didn’t need me anymore.

The wierd part is i’ve actually wanted to get to serve on a jury.  I want to be able to do my civic duty and participate in one of the rights we have as American citizens.  So.. another summons came, i didn’t hold my breath.  The day of came and we were all hearded into an auditorium in the courthouse that apparently can be used as a fall-out shelter.  along with 200 other people we sit and wait.  we started the morning saying the pledge to the American flag and the Texas flag.  (all those years in student council paid off) i actually knew the pledge.  they tried to play a video which seamed interesting but they couldn’t get media player to work quite right.  if i wasn’t sitting in the middle of a bunch of people i probably would have helped them.  They picked 75 people for the first group.  then we waited and they picked 75 for another group.  that was my group.  we then got sent off to come back after lunch.  i’ve never made it this far before.

when we got back we waited upstairs for about two hours.  when we finally got in the court room i was number 22.  we got to meet the judge, the lawyers and the accused.  They did a brief presentation and asked some questions.  The voir dire they called it.  just general group questions like “Do you know any of the people on this list” “can you pass a fair judgement if..”  just a bunch of questions.  I didn’t say anything.  I was hoping they would pick me for the jury, we’d stick around a few hours and i’d be home before patti.  well.. this day didn’t end until after 6.  I ended up being the 5th guy seated in the jury box.  Kind of like the penalty box without the plexi glass all around. 

The next day we showed up bright and early to get started.  the lawyers began their opening statements and explained the case.  It was a capital murder case and an attempted capital murder.  I can still see the district attorney describing the facts of the case.  As the case began i’m glad i took a notepad because all the guys they were talking about had like 4 names.  Once the first day was over, i was overwhelmed with names but had no idea how the guy on trial had anything to do with the case.  They called to the stand one of the investigators but he never proved anything.  Then they called this other lady, same thing.. didn’t even mention the accused.

As the week rolled on i got to know my fellow jurors a bit better.  most of them were teachers or worked with a school.  some were mechanics, some worked in the oil field.  By thursday you could tell that everyone wanted to be finishsed with the case.  we ended up staying late.  good thing joe canceled practice that evening.  by the end of that night, both sides had rested their cases.  friday morning they worked on the charges, by the afternoon we heard the closing arguments and they took us to lunch.  afterwards they had us begin deliberations.  they picked me as the presiding juror.  (talk about getting the full jury experience)  we took a poll right away and found that we were about 50/50 split.  so.. we started laying out the facts as we knew them.  ended up being another late night.  the judge finally sent us home at 10pm that night.  (come to find out they were waiting in the court room that whole time)

by the time i got home i was so frustrated.  9 hours of deliberations.  going over the same facts over and over again.  looking over statements, evidence, surveliance videos.. all sorts of stuff.  i came home to patti who was understanding and helped me vent for about an hour.  i think the biggest dilema we were facing was the fact that we knew that this guy was probably guilty, but didn’t have enough evidence to prove it. 

monday morning we returned.  before we took another poll i started the morning off describing my thoughts and opinions over the past weekend and how torn i was about the decision we needed to make.  the first poll of the day started with progress but not unimaous.  4 hours later we finally got everyone on the same page.  walking back in the courtroom i couldn’t even face the guy.  i just starred at the judge as she read the verdict.  behind me in the courtroom i could hear someone give a sigh of relief.  afterwards the judge came in and talked to us.  we got to hash alot of stuff out.  the lawyers even came in and we got to talk to them.  that was probably the best part of the whole experience.  You know.. your swamped with all this information for a week but can’t talk about it or ask questions about it with the lawyers until afterwards. 

would i ever do that again willingly.. i doubt it.  it was a rough week.  having to put aside my convictions and feelings and just go by what the law reads.. that was tough.  probably one of the roughest weeks i can remember.

Ghost of Christmas Past?

So.. Patti got her new job. After talking to her today you could hear the smile in her voice.  I love her so much.  And she deserves it.. a good job that is.  I willingly give her my love.  that’s nothing that she’s earned.

Things in my office are not quite as glee.

From radio-info

Clear Channel managers go into today’s Dallas meeting knowing…very little.

“They’ve been told nothing”, is the refrain I hear from several folks, and it’s hard to decide whether it’s better to be a GM in that position – knowing you’ll be handed lists grading your own people drawn up by outsiders – or to be a station employee, anxiously waiting back home. We know at least one Clear Channel GM who won’t be attending John Hogan’s not-so-merry gathering – Providence GM Jim Corwin. He’s now (as the famous phrase goes) “no longer with the company.” Corwin’s been overseeing the cluster that includes classic hits “B101” WWBB and rocker WHJY (94.1) for five years.

So.. the meetings out.. and we haven’t’ heard anything official yet.  Rumors are talking about 20% workforce reduction, other rumors are even larger.  I’m not to worried about it right now.  I mean, what’s the point.  I was able to see the miraculous ways God took care of Patti, and i know he’ll take care of me.  Whether it’s where i am now, or somewhere else.

Christmas Uninstall

Well, for about the past week Patti’s been worried about her office.  They have been laying off jobs left and right.. Another round was coming the monday after Christmas.  We didn’t think she would be included in the cut but that’s not how things ended up being. 

It’s going to be tough with single income but it’s also going to be another test of our faith, another storm to go through and just another oppurnity for us to see how God’s going to pull this one off.  We’ve never been without.  He’s never let us down.   Faith don’t fail me now.

Is this a twinkle in my eye or a twitch?  It’s been doing that for the past week now… really wierd.