Flashback – Bon Jovi

Found this classic…

Mostly PAR lighting but there was about 12 minture “manual” spots that appeared to be controlled by the LD as far as the iris but the positioning was done by hand.  each fixture was controlled by an operator at each fixture.  a great example of the coordination needed to pull off effect which i take for granted now is at 2:11.  You have to hand it to those operators though.  And it’s much easier to do follow spot with manually rather than by joystick.  However the real star of this video is the hair. You almost forget about the flying and the tight pants. Almost.


This week has been stock show. it hasn’t been too bad this year. Maybe i’m just too critical. The George Strait fiasco has been interesting. i’m just glad i’ve gotten to stay out of that one.. at least as of yet. The short version, George is coming to the arena, the arena only holds 6000, the George Strait tour reserves 4000 tickets for it’s own sponsors, regardless of the venue (they are used to performing in 15,000+ sites. so. the short of it, that only left 2000 tickets for sell, which of course sold out in a mater of moments. Needless to say, a lot of people didn’t get to get tickets.

That could go under “Concert Fail” but “parking fail” was pretty funny too…


So this is 2009.  Still taste the same.

I’m not quite sure how people are are to remember 2008. I guess here it only maters what i thought about it. It was a rough one. or at least it ended rough. I’m going to remember it by the election, the economy, i turned 30, hannah started highschool and tori’s a senior. I guess we can say things can only get better in oh-9.