engineers with too much time on their hands

or have watched “stomp” to much

At home i’m working on a project, i’m sure by now you’ve all see the “wizards of winter” video where the guy sync’s the christmas lights in his house to music. Well. I found the software and hardware the guy uses. Over the weekend i played around with the software. Tonight we’re going to add some more lights and change some of the cabeling. should be done by tonight.

goodbye dolly

wow.. after sitting around waiting for something to happen.. something happened.  i never been through a hurricane quite like that before..

things started off slow, kind of dispointing actually.  just sitting around the station waiting.  went to bed around 2am.  woke up at 5:30 when hitman was roaming around the building.  Looked at the radar and it was closer but still not here.  this thing was really moving slow.  the wind hit SPI first.  it got rough fast.  then it started heading our way.  power began flickering and we switched over to generator.  this was the last time we’d be on citiy power for over 2 days.  it was kind of neat walking around outside seeing all the wind blowing around everywhere.

The wind never would let up though.  After a few hours we were were standing by the doors thinking “This isn’t fun anymore”

KVNS was the first to go off the air.  With no generator that was no suprise.  i wish i could have kept it up longer though.. being the only station relaying KRGV it would have been usefull. All the rest stayed on through the storm.  KRGV next door had some power distrubtion issues.  That was really interesting.  Seeing them use car headlights to light the set.  oh well.

The aftermath wasn’t bad like Katrina bad, but it was.. well.. a different landscape for a while.  Fallen trees everywhere.  roofs with missing shingles.  even some with missing roofs.  The mosquitoes were horrible.  Power was an issue for some people.  At home we never lost power.  Didn’t have any water damage either.  The Leals were not as fortunate.  Even to this day they’ve been reconstructing the living room.  I think we are all ready for some normality to return to our lives.

Looking back, if this was a small Cat2 hurricane.. i could not imagine what it would be like being through a 4 or 5. and you know the valley people will freak. Especially after this. I mean valley drivers are bad to begin with. you throw a little wind and water their way and their brain checks out. I had to meet the insurance adjuster at the station at 8:30 this morning so i got in a little earlier to take care of other stuff. Looking at the traffic at the 281/83 interchange and how backed up it was just with the morning commute.. i could not imagine trying to be on the expressway during an evacuation. I’ve already told patti and the girls just to go to the ranch. and to use the back way.

i needed a quick cheep lunch yesterday so i walked into jack in the box. i placed my order and the mexican lady asked me for my name. “um… ok.. xeservacious” that look in her eyes that her brain checked out. i just chuckled to myself and sat down in a booth somewhere. And there is this guy walking around with all this useless junk. You’ve seen the type. Always dressed up like a morman, they have junk like books, garden hoses, this guy had flashlights. they always have the same sales pitch. Put it in their hands. as i sit down i see him gunning for me. he keeps pushing this stuff towards me and i don’t reach for it. you could see his frustration talking about how it’s hurricane season and how i need this flashlight and if i would just try it out and i keep dodging his throws.
it was frustrating yet humerious… i guess you just had to be there.

a year ago

It’s amazing to think that a year ago today, i was sleep-deprived, staying up till the cows came home getting things ready for the big event. I think we had the building setup mostly by now, and most of the decorations were in place.

Picture1 015

The evening would be the rehearsal. Right before rehearsal, Sandy and Tom wanted to meet with us so we went to my office and did a talk-thru of how things were going to happen. Up to this point it was all mostly in my head. It was the first time i read my vows outloud. When i heard them of course the came out all wrong. Funny how things look good on paper, but that’s all they look good on. It was the first time i got to hear patti’s vows too. after that it was like, wow.. i can’t be out done. I love her more, and i’m going to prove it. After it was all done, we went to the youth building with everyone waiting, and did a quick walk thru of everything. The Leal’s had memorized some scriptures and recited them that night. Those are actually some of our favorite scriptures, even today.Picture1 087
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