Project Unity Live

Incase your not able to make it to the wedding, here’s where you can still get to snoop in what’s going on.  Bookmark this page and check back in for a live view of what’s going on. 

A video recap will be on here soon, well.. when we get back from the honeymoon.

0 going on 50

I was at Rio Radio this morning getting some supplies for Saturday and guess who i ran into?  Mr. Blue aka, Mr. Rodriguez.  He used to be the business manager at the school i attended back at the ranch.  He is most well known for his height.  Always super nice.  Or was the the superintendent?  I forget.. but anyway- He was dropping off a self supporting reflective projection screen.  Said he just celebrated his 50th anniversary.  One of his grandkids made a powerpoint presentation for them.  Standing there talking to him made me realize that in 50 years i’m going to get to be doing that.  Standing in some video rental store dropping off a screen used to show a presentation that our grandkids will make about us. 

This morning Patti and i went to pick up the marriage licence.  I started setting some of the video equipment in the youth building, going to get out of here a little early to move some more stuff and get things setup properly.  I don’t want to be rushing Thursday and Friday.  tonight Marshall’s got something planned, and then we’re doing that dsp upgrade at oldies around midnight. 

9 days left

Hitman just asked me what today’s date was.  I looked and it said the 17th.  Yikes.  that means that in less than 10 days, 9 to be exact.  I’m going to be married.  It seams like it was just a few months ago i was sitting at the title company buying a house.  now i’m about to tie the knot.  The kind of day you always think about growing up.  One day when i get married…. 

Well.. that one day is 9 days away.  The guys are talking about doing something this weekend, which just means i’m going to have to cram as much as i can into these next few days, getting things ready, finishing touches and somewhere in there say goodbye to my “bachelor to the rapture” philophsy.

tired of hearing me talk about this?

seams like this is all i ever talk about?  well.. i’ve never been married before and i’m excited.  We met with the decorator yesterday, got that all squared away.  the final count is in to the caterer.  now it’s just a matter of getting things squared away with the actual program.  the two big task i have left to do is, well, ok 3 big things are my vows, video about who i am, and how all of this is going to flow together.  I need to make some seams and loops, maybe even play around with after-effects .. see if i can add some motion to some of the static graphics.  anyway.. i’m not going to get that stuff done sitting here talking to you guys. 

Crunch Time

Ok, now that RSVP’s are closed i can work on other things.  Afterthis weekend, the calendar will be closing and other than work, the only other thing i’m going to be working on is getting this performance ready.  I still have a few things in my todo list, but come next week, i’ll be working hard to get them all punched out.  I’m really looking forward to seeing everyones reaction watching this.  I need to remember that they are the reason we are doing all this.  Kind of a backwards way of thinking for a wedding, but after you see it, you’ll understand.

Tommrow is the last day

…to RSVP.  If you haven’t done so already, please do so today.  You can use the card included in your invitation or send your rsvp to the email address on the card.  We are only making provisions for those who are rsvp’ing.  There is no way to gurantee a seat and a meal without knowing that your going to be there. 

22 days

that’s what the countdown says.  of course i’m excited about the day being just around the corner.  I cant wait for the time when i get to fall asleep and wake up next to patti, i can’t wait for the time i get to spend the rest of my life with her.  i think i’m just nervous about the actual day.  there is alot left to do and it’s not done yet.  i just need to take these last 22 days and work on putting everything else aside to make sure that i get the things i need to get done, done.


Map to church and hotel.

Coming south on 281, Exit on Trenton Rd. Head west until you reach McColl. Head North and the church will be on the east side of the road.  Abundant Grace is on the corner of Freddy Gonzales and McColl next to HEB. 

invitations are out

Patti addressed the envelopes this past week and they should be in the mail today.  Hopefully we got all the addresses right.  I don’t think any of them came back from the save the date cards so I figure everything’s cool. 

Included in the invitations are the registry information.   We are registered at:


Bed Bath & Beyond

Home Depot

Also included is Hotel Information.  If your coming from out of town, you can stay at the Best Western in Edinburg.   Be sure and ask for Lupita and mention your coming for the Kohrt-Munoz wedding. 

Let’s see.. what else is in there.  Oh yes, the most important.  The RSVP Card.   We met with the caterer Saturday and picked out the meal.  You guys are going to enjoy it.  We tried several different ones and they were all good, but this one that we picked was really good.  So if you want to be sure and get to enjoy this meal, please RSVP.  Also the dinner is BEFORE the actuall ceremony.  So even if your not planning on eating, you’ll want somewhere to sit.  Everyone who RSVP’s will be given preferred seating.  Stragglers may be left in the nose-bleed section.  You can also RSVP by email.  The address to send your email to is included on the RSVP Card. 

it’s just a piece of paper

i was having lunch the other day.  she was talking about her and her boyfriend and how someone was telling them they should get married.  she has always said that she’s already been married.  to her marriage was just a piece of paper.

well.. i’ve sat here and chewed on that for a long time and finally come to the realization that that’s just a bunch of crap. 

marriage is not just a piece of paper.  if that’s all it was, i wouldn’t be going through all the effort i’m going though to see this through.  and not just through the wedding but through the rest of our lives.  I love patti with all my heart and soul.  i know that i will be happy with her for the rest of my life.  i know that she’s the other half of myself and i know that she’s the one God put on this earth for me.  this wedding and this marriage is a covenant i’m going to be making with patti and with God.  a friend shared with me something once…

The key to spiritual and emotional oneness in marriage is not what you might think. It is not cleaving to one another. It is cleaving first and foremost to God. First, being primary – most being the most significant, the most important. If you want to have an intimate relationship with a mate, you do not pursue your mate; you pursue intimacy with God. The result of pursuing intimacy with God is intimacy with your mate. Truth in relationship is found by pursuing God first. I want to show this in a diagram which was shown to me 30 years ago, way before I was married. Cleaving First and Most to God

For a man and woman to become closer to one another, they cannot pursue each other. There are no arrows there between the man and the woman. They each pursue God. By the definition of a triangle, the physics of this, as you get closer and closer to God, you see that you become closer and closer with your mate. You are co-worshipers together as you live your lives first spiritually-centered, then emotionally centered, and then finally in a physical context. It is
mutual worshipers pursuing God.
It is like trying to get the affection of a Siamese cat. You don’t pursue the cat. You try to get a Siamese cat to receive your affection. By your pursuing that cat, it will never happen. Doesn’t anyone here have a Siamese cat? These cats are playing hard to get all the time. If you pursue your mate, you will stagnate in your relationship with one another. But if you pursue a higher thing, God, intimacy with God through Christ, then you are able to have interaction with your
mate at a level you never could otherwise.

So in essence, i want to draw closer to God in this marriage, and in the process, i’ll be able to draw closer to patti as well.  Making God the center, and not ourselves it will help us to archive a closer relationship between all three of us.