day 6

they hung up the last of the speakers and moved on that casted a small shadow on one of the projectors.  They also finished wiring up the amp rack.  We had pratice with the praise team.  That turned out ok.  I think we’l be in good shape for service sunday.  All that’s left to do is wire up the speakers, terminate the “snake” to the patch bay, and install the fan on the patch bay.  Then when all the hardware is in place they will come and set it all up and then i can actually get to sleep in late.

day 5

wow.. not much is left.  I was worried about the lenght of the cables we ran from the floor pockets to the equiptment room.  Originaly we ran them way back when for the intention of eventually doing this project.  This morning we found a few that were kind of short.  So after work i came by with the intention of replacing the short cables but when i got there after work he had found extra wire wond up under the stage and it made the perfect lenght.  As a matter of fact, all of the punch down was complete in the rack.. the pannels were in place and the amps and dsp were installed.  also all of the front speakers were installed and two of the rear ones were done.  That means that all that’s left are two more rear speakers, speaker cable, and connecting the cable from the rack to the patch pannels in the booth.  This is really comming along.

Day 4

Moving along… They have 5 of the 6 front speakers hung already. All of the punchs from the booth are done too. All that’s left is

  • Connect the floor jacks to the punchpannels
  • Hang the 4 rear speakers
  • Run cable to all the speakers
  • and install the amps and dsp.
  • Tonight i’m going to re-run a few of the short mic runs from the floor box to permit moving the amp rack futher away from the eletrical pannel. Hopefully it won’t be to many. (note to self… get a spool of install audio cable)

    Day 2

    Well… they off loaded all the speakers and set them in their general places. The scissor lift came in but it was completely discharged. So they put that on the charger. (i’m not all that sure how they got it in the doors.. but i’m also glad i wasn’t there to see that either. When i came in during the evening they had completely pulled out our old snake and ran the new one. Although i wouldn’t really consider it a snake. More of a big bunch of cables tied together. I figure it’s easier to do it that way when you have a custom order rather than get something manufactured. That that has been hung up and they were soldiering the xlr connectors on the cables that would go to the patch pannels. They had also hung up plywood in the rack for the patch pannel to sit on.

    Day 1

    Well.. the first day is in the bag.  They assumed they were hanging speakers inside the existing cluster and that the cluster was motorized.  Nope.. they had to use manual labor to get them in and out.  And they would just be sitting in the cluster itself.  And there lift didn’t show up.  But they got all the speakers out of the cluster.  They really put in a hard days work.  They did it all in the heat too.  Come to find out that the contract we signed with them stated that we would provide an airconditioned enviorment for them to work in.  Oh well.. one day down.. 13 more to go.

    day 0

    Today we started the prep work for the install begining tommrow.  This was the last sunday we would have service with the old equiptment.  After service Patti and I took David and Leanna out to lunch.  It was fun to just hang out.  But as soon as that was over it was back to work. I did some work untill around 3, than rich and Jimmy came by to help.  We went to home depot, got some more schedule 40, an elbow, and some lubercation.  A 5 gallon bucket of it.  With the look, feel and consistancy of yellow pudding, but not the taste.  With the extension ladder they pushed the conduit up along the ceiling and with the scafold on the stage they shimmed it along to the speaker box.  I’m really glad they are not afraid of heights. I coudln’t have ever done that alone or wtihout there help.  around midnight i finally came home.  richard helped me clean up and get the rack ready for the guys tommrow.  it’s going to be a busy week.

    just another day..

    i got an email from the prod company for carmen, after i’ve been trying to get them to give us some information regarding the tech stuff, he came saying..

    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 11:34 PM
    To: Munoz, John
    Subject: Re: “Carmen” in Edinburg, TX


    I’m sorry but I don’t know who you are.

    Sometimes i just want to hit people.
    Like this past week we moved one of the traffic people to a new computer. She uses a special scanning program to send invoices and stuff to corporate. i couldn’t get it to work using there instructions. this took up most of my day. i called the helpdesk.. they couldn’t figure it out.. they called in the big guys.. they couldn’t figure it out. finally i was getting frustrated with calls, does it work yet, does it work yet, so i fiddled around finally made it work myself.
    sometimes i just want to hit people.
    so then wild has this contest they want to run. they should have thought it through and had them use the built in rate-a-pic system that our websites have for just this purpose.. but no.. they had people email them.. then we have to repost them back on the site. it’s a pain. a big pain. i’ve reuploaded them at least 3 times now.
    sometimes i just want to hit people.
    i am just hoping for a quite thursday and friday. next week i’m getting sent off to phoenix to get those station on the air with HD2. i hope and pray it doesn’t take all week.

    i thought i was going crazy

    I was working in my office at church and kept hearing this chime.. it started high and ended low.  i thought maybe it was a computer making the noise.. ended up turning off all the pc’s here in the office.. no luck.  turned off the tv.. still.. turned off the ac.. still i went to the bathroom.. it was following me.  i took off my watch.. and my phone.. and in the admininistration office i heard the chime again! Argh.. the aliens have abducted my brain and probed me with some device to drive me insane!!! or maybe it was i forgot that i had picked up a cell phone left in the church last night and put it in my pocket and forgot about it. 

    tell jimmy i have his phone.

    Thanks guys!

    Jimmy, Guy, Gerry, Simion, Marty, Patti and Carla.. I can’t thank you guys enough for the effort you guys put in last night.  We got alot done.  We are really close to being done.  Ran an entire new 26 pin CCU cable, 15 pin robot control cable, ran 3 RG59’s from the amp room to the camera rack, mounted camera 3, fixed the DMX cable.  repaired a few ceiling tiles.  Ran 3 RG6’s on the stage, installed the on stage video monitors, patched both control cables, and even had time to remake some of announcement tiles.  I love you guys.  I could have never gotten this done without your help.  Tommrow we will finish a few of the minor things left over.  Once this is all done, things will be alot easier around here.  I’m getting anxious!