check valve

back at the ranch, the water source for our community of houses was back at the ranch, about a mile from the houses.  The well had it’s own sump pump that would pump the water up to a mini water tower.  The pressure from the water tower would then force the water down the 2″ pipe to the houses 1 mile away.  Did you know that for ever 2.31 feet of elevation, 1 PSI (pound per square inch) is produced.  So if you have a water tower that’s 100 feet in the air, 43.3 PSI is produced, usualy more than enough for any city to run on.  Ours was maybe 10 feet up.  never actually measured it.  An important part of keeping the preasure was the use of a check valve.  Several were placed along the road where the water pipe was laid all the way to the houses.  These would keep the water from flowing backwards reversing the flow of presure.  Once one of those went squirly and woudln’t let water flow in either direction.  My dad had to go down the road finding all of them checking each of them.  Soon after that, they were all clearly marked along the road.  You’d be suprised how long a mile is when your digging up check valves. 

I’m greatful for the built in check valve’s we have.  So many times i want to respond to someone’s smart email with a quick relpy to all with some sarcastic responce.  Just this past sunday morning.  Mark (with a K) was running the projection computer.  He can do a great job when everything is setup properly.  but pricilla sent the list.. which meant that she didn’t use a formal song name, or ccli number or author, or any way of properly matching what her list says to what she actually wants.  So the system is preset with the titles she uses.. and quickly into the service it’s obvious that the songs preloaded are wrong.  he’s not skilled enough to find the proper songs to match.  i was able to run in their mid song a few times to load up the proper one but it was a very rough service.  mona took no hesitation to come up to me in the boot and make a remark something like “was I that bad when i ran the computer?”  now.. my first responce would not have been very nice.  Fortuantly for me.. my built in checkvalve saved me from saying something i would have regretted. 

Other times i wish it had kicked in sooner.. right about the time i’m scrambling looking for the “unsend” button.. quickly followed by abusing my rights as an email administrator.