choices, choices, choices.

spent another morning at the storage closet cleaning old stuff out.  it’s my assumption that they never cleaned them out before, just kept stuffing more and more files in there and not taking out the old ones.  so that’s what we’ve been doing.  5 truck loads later, the guys at the recycling center have alot of work on there hands.  now we have to get rid of all the years and years of trash.

we went to lubys for lunch (no suprise there) and they had three of my all time favorite luby’s dishes there.  Teryaki chicken, chicken supreme and there was something else too.. i forget now.  but all these choices, and all on the same day!  argh.. what to do.  so i got the fish.

Patti talked to James K today.  told him about everything going on, he was excited.  so now that we have his blessings, it’s forward march from here.  Isaac called to.  said congrats, and a computer question.  it’s the thought that counts!