Christmas Eve Eve

I decided to go visit H&H Music this morning. Took me a while to find it. I was thinking it was in the old Best Buy spot.. it wasn’t. But i finally found it.. and when i did. .there was like NOTHING there. at least nothing good. so then i thought.. i might find it at Bestbuy. While i was there i decided to check the knowledge of the Staff. So i walked up to the clerk in the car audio section and asked for there HD radios. He just stood there with a blank look on his face. So i asked for Digital Radio. He tried to sell me XM. Oh the shame. So i was like.. ok this is pointless. They didn’t have any. I’ll have to work on changing that. Eventhough we have 4 stations in the valley now broadcasting HD for over a year now.. and 3 (fixing to be 4 as soon as i get of my butt) multi-cast stations. GASP. yup.. all this time we’ve been broadcasting 4 other stations and you probably never even knew it. I guess you’ll just have to get yourself a reciever to see for yourself.
So anyway.. i went to the computer section and asked the computer guys for a MIDI interface. and he was like.. a multlimedia interface.. in a broken english tone. I was like.. no.. not media interface.. MIDI (mee-dee) he was like.. what does it plug into USB? I was like.. well.. um.. some do. Some are PCI.. some are PMCIA, some are actuall disk-drive sizes. again with the dumb blank looks. so i thanked him for his dumb look and walked away.. walking out of the store i thought.. what if they have a keyboard section. Not a computer keyboard section but a music keyboard section. So i walk around and see gutairs. (who would by an eletric gutair at best by but anyway) gutairs! they must have keyboards too.. sure enough there it was.. next to the clock radios. So i asked the guy if he had any MIDI interfaces and crossed my fingers waiting for a look. no dumb looks.. instead he walked me over to a MIDI cable. I was like.. well.. your on the right track.. but i need the part that connects to the computer.. he thought and then walked over to the software section.. and sure enough.. he found some software that came with the interface! Thank you again kind sir. you were a great help. Just wanted to let you know that not all the staff at best buy are complete nincompoops.