Christmas Uninstall

Well, for about the past week Patti’s been worried about her office.  They have been laying off jobs left and right.. Another round was coming the monday after Christmas.  We didn’t think she would be included in the cut but that’s not how things ended up being. 

It’s going to be tough with single income but it’s also going to be another test of our faith, another storm to go through and just another oppurnity for us to see how God’s going to pull this one off.  We’ve never been without.  He’s never let us down.   Faith don’t fail me now.

Is this a twinkle in my eye or a twitch?  It’s been doing that for the past week now… really wierd.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Uninstall”

  1. the family and i will be praying for you guys. i know that it’s hard to imagine this now but, it is really gonna be neat to see Gods hand working. remember that his time is PERFECT!!! get ready to be blessed cause he is going to show how go he is to those that call him LORD! we love you uncle john and aunt patti!!!

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