comic relife on the evening news

last night i wasn’t ready for the normal evening news… and i had heard stories about all the so called “” but never got to see for myself.  so… i decied to see for myself.  Yeah, you heard me right.  KVEO, channel 23 has it’s own evening news cast.  I mean you think of the news of the valley, channel 5, KRGV is in a league all of it’s own.  There is a reason they’ve been #1 in this market forever.  KGBT isn’t news, it’s the fox version of the news.  it’s the stories plus there take on the story.  “Oh that’s just horrible” they compel there listeners by emotion.  not by news worthness.  And technically it’s like watching high school television all over again.  Channel 17 only has news because the network requires it.  But KVEO, oh my.. I was hoping someone had youtube’d it so i could show you.. so i’ll just describe.  To start with, the anchors are all ugly.  I hate to be mean but they really are.  and who ever the producer is isn’t doing a very good job in producing.  Stories that have nothing to do with eachother are back to back.  Not to mention the director.  Cutting before the tallent is cued, and cueing off cutting out the anchor..  And the weather.  that was something.  Patti described it best..  “you know the girl that holds up the sign between boxing rounds holding a big card” ok that’s her.  she was pointing on the green screen covering up half her graphics that she’s tlaking about.  she was wearing a prom dress.  and when she was wraping up she posed.  she actually posed.  the master audio was not normalized at all.  and the ENG audio was horrible.  by the 2nd break patti had had enough..  “can i see the real news now?” back to Letty and Oscar.