Complacient? Niave? Just don't care anymore?

So the sky if falling around me and it’s just life as usual around here.  Our economy is going down the toilet, health care cost are skyrocketing, along with fuel prices, and i could have sworn i heard my 401k make an audible thud this morning.  I almost don’t want to watch/listen to the news anymore.  Being a “news junkie” i never thought i’d find myself at this point but i can already tell you what they are talking about.  I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

Perhaps i’ve found myself to distracted and consumed by other things in my life.  Patti is still not back to her normal health.  That on top of the work she does in the real estate industry, stresses on her so much.  And i’m completely helpless to do anything for her to ease her struggles.

Even in our community we’re hearing and seeing the same thing.

The state of mind that I am in is one of little to no tolerance for ignorance (really carelessness is what it is…meaning just not giving a bleep as long as you’re happy and not inconvenienced and being content to not know the truth so you can’t be held accountable) in the body. I am frustrated (not offended as some would like to think) simply frustrated. There is a dire need in this “American way of living” for real conviction, for people who will stand up for what is right at all times, regardless of the loss of respect, friendships, family, jobs or whatever man kind deems important. This is where I am…where I have been. – Sojourner

Am just feeling like a lemming waiting for someone to jump first?  Am i just to distracted worrying about Patti?  It goes without saying that my concentration hasn’t been very.. um.. concentrated?   Maybe we should all just uproot and go to canada.  I don’t know why but that’s actually been on my mind alot lately.  Doesn’t have to be toronto… maybe one of the smaller towns.  Listowell was really nice.  Especially in the winter when everything was white.  You could come home to a fireplace, warm chocolate, basements.. sigh.

2 thoughts on “Complacient? Niave? Just don't care anymore?”

  1. Welcome to my world, primo. I work in real estate finance…for a mortgage broker. I’m at the epicenter of the current dismal world of finance and economics. I don’t only get bombarded by news from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, and other “typical” sources. I’m also inundated with talk and chatter about the state of the economy while at work. To add to that, all those “toxic loans” you hear about…yeah…over the years, I worked on hundreds of loans just like them. All the foreclosures you hear about…yep…half of the inbound calls we get are from borrowers that are in default. I’m right smack in the middle of it all. 🙂

    I try to stop listening to it, but it comes at me from every direction, so I just sit back and deal with it. I, like you, wonder if I’m naive, complacent, or just flat out indifferent. I don’t think I’m naive. I am (and always have been) fairly complacent. I’m somewhat indifferent, but not so much that I’d actually label myself “indifferent”. But above those things, I’m something else. I can’t even describe it…”numb” maybe. Maybe you’re where I’m at. It’s not that you don’t care or that you don’t know, but it’s more that you just wanna take things in stride, try to stay sane, and try to keep your head on straight in this completely wacky world. That’s where I think I’m at.

    Like you, I’ve wondered about just moving away from it all, but the sensible optimist in me always seems to defeat the thoughts of just leaving all this crap behind. I keep thinking that in the long-term, all will right itself in my little world. In the long-term, cooler heads will prevail, and things will just “work out”. Maybe I have too much faith in people…maybe I’m naive…maybe it’s both. Who knows. So long as my thoughts and intentions are in the right place, I think and hope that I (and those who matter most to me) will be fine.

    As for Patty…I feel for her…I really do. I know *exactly* what it’s like having a completely stressful job in real estate. With every day comes new stress…new excitement. Admittedly, it is a bit exhilarating, but more than anything, it’s definitely stressful.

    Oh, and you’re not completely helpless with her struggles…you gotta give yourself more credit. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but by just being there by her side while she deals with her stress, you’re helping her immensely. 🙂

  2. As for your news consumption, I think esteemed blowhard and wise-man Reese Roper said it best:

    “Tune in, tune out. Goodbye, goodnight. They’re buying you with fear and lies. Turn it off until it’s right! ‘That’s the news, that’s all, goodnight.’ Turn it off until it’s right! That’s the news, that’s all! Goodnight.” – Anchors Away from The End is Near/Here

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