computer woes

last night i started working on a computer for a friend of mine.  he needed it by tommrow so i was up till around 1 last night fighting with this thing.  I was exausting every possible method of getting this computer up and running.  patti finally said to give it up and try again with a fresh set of eyes.  so this morning i got up, packed it in my car and tried again from here at work.  exausted more efforts and then i though, what abotu the capictitors?  i mean.. the symptoms were right.. all the software was running fine.. disabbled all the perfs, nothing obvious was wrong.  when it’s not obvious.. try the un-obvious.  the capictors.  I took a quick look and sure enough there is a row of capicitors under the main bus that are ALL leaking.  There is a website, that describes this problem and the reason. 

The reason the capacitor problem exists in the first place is because of a large-scale industrial espionage foul-up.  Some component manufacturers decided to steal an electrolyte formula from another competitor.  Little be known to them, the stolen formula was incomplete and flawed.  They didn’t discover this until it was too late and they had manufactured and distributed literally MILLIONS of these flawed capacitors.  Read more HERE. 

So i’m not giving up on the pc, but untill the capictors are repaired there isn’t anything anyone can do to make this thing work.  I vowed that i woudln’t let a pc get the best of me and i still hold true to that.