Concert annoucment continued…

Sorry i guess i shouldn’t have left you guys hanging like that.

So all night i’m struggling, hoping and praying that verizon get’s on the ball. I called in on the trouble tickets i had opened since 1 when we first when we went down to see if they had an ETA. Something like.. “oh yea, they are almost done” give me some hope. Well. I called and the lady said, “oh yeah, att is on the site and they found a cut fiber cable. ( i could have told you that’s what you find and i’m not even at the dig site) they sent for a splice kit and a fiber technican to come do the work at 6pm central. Obviously their was little chance they would have this up in time for me to do the broadcast the way i’d like to do it. instead we used the cellphone device. as soon as the announcement was over i packed up all my gear and headed out to my car, as i’m packing my car, i hear the ding of my phone with the notification of some email. “that better not be the network saying, Hi i’m back” i thought to myself. i finish loading, get in the car and glace down. sure enough their was 6 simultanious messages all saying the same thing.

From: Akamai Alert []
Sent: Fri 11/21/2008 9:12 PM
To: Munoz, John
Subject: Alert Cleared

oh well.. i’m going home. well.. i’m going to get take out from carinos, it sounds like a night for italian nachos.

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  1. I NEED tickets!! When can I get TICKETS!!! Front and Center is where I need to be!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I actually screamed and cried when I heard that…OH MAN!! I ♥ George Strait!!

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