Congrats to Aaron and Steph

I totally forgot about the clog.  So the feed is back on the widgets of this site.  I should probably add it to my rss reader to.  You should too you know.  Here’s the feed.  It’s must more interesting than this one.  Anyway.. here are some of the entries from the newly wedded couple.  It’s neat looking back at the photos.  Seams like it was just last week.  It was a fun wedding.  Very laid back.  The kind you can go to and enjoy being at.  Sometimes it’s fun to play dress up.  other times.. it’s fun to just show up.

I wish you guys the best.  I know your going to enjoy married life.  People ask me, “so how do you like being married” my usual responce is “I should have done this a long time ago”  It’s wierd not being bymyself.  Not that i was really ever by myself.  I lived with my sister then in with Rob at dove, then to the house with rob and chris, then i moved back to dove for a short time alone, then jonny moved in, then to las palmas by myself but usually had company, then to the trailer with gaberial and then manuel, then guy, then to my house.  so.. ok.. maybe i never really was actually alone- but you know what i mean.