Customer Service (or lack thereof)

Is customer service just going to the toilet now a day?  Back in April of this year, i opened two trouble tickets with Sprint and T-Mobile.  Both carriers were having problems dialing our studios.  I first tried reporting the problem as a regular cell phone user.  “Hi, i’m having trouble dialing some numbers from my cell phone.  They work with my other cell phone but not with yours”  These conversations could last hours.  Stuff like “take out the battery and put it back in” “Are you in a remote area, under a bridge or tunnel?” “is their any bad weather out there”  Quite frustrating.  Most of the time, after several hours they would say something like the problem isn’t with us, it’s with the other carrier.   One of my favorite responses from t-mobile was “we can’t guarantee that calls will go through when you dial, it’s in your contract sir”

Perhaps I’m just spoiled and used to having problems resolved when i report them.  We have an amazing phone company here at the studio that has been unlike any service I’ve ever gotten.  I can literally email or call the director directly and get issues resolved pretty much immediately. 

Another company that has an amazing customer service track record is Fog Creek.  I wish more companies on my speed dial were like them.

So i finally had to get a hold of our national sales rep for both sprint and tmobile, send them a dissertation with my woes, they forwarded it to their engineers and finally got my sprint issue resolved and a phone call from tmobile this morning that was the most promising yet.  We’ll see how this goes.