dark night

last week i turned on the heater at the house.  hadn’t been on in a while and it was a cold night.  it ran for a while and then i heard a pop.  the breaker had tripped.  So i shut it off and just left it alone.  last night it was cold again so i turned on the breakers.  For some reason, there were two going to the same unit.  I turned the first on, than turned on the 2nd.  Wasn’t sure which one was on previously, we had only used one.  when i turned on the 2nd.  it tripped both breakers and then all the lights in the house went off.  ok.. so… i made sure those other two were off.. than checked the main.. that breaker was still on.  so i went outside to the pole.  that appeared to be on too.  so i packed up and spent the night somewhere else.   the next morning, pilo came by and found the problem.  disconnected one of those other breakers, reset the power at the pole and everything seamed to be working.  i’m glad it was something simple.

Had a lunch meeting with the LRGVDC Amber alert people.  They are putting together a corporation to handle the talks between alerts on this side of the border talking to the other side of the border.  it was short and simple.  and i got a free lunch out of it too.