day 0

Today we started the prep work for the install begining tommrow.  This was the last sunday we would have service with the old equiptment.  After service Patti and I took David and Leanna out to lunch.  It was fun to just hang out.  But as soon as that was over it was back to work. I did some work untill around 3, than rich and Jimmy came by to help.  We went to home depot, got some more schedule 40, an elbow, and some lubercation.  A 5 gallon bucket of it.  With the look, feel and consistancy of yellow pudding, but not the taste.  With the extension ladder they pushed the conduit up along the ceiling and with the scafold on the stage they shimmed it along to the speaker box.  I’m really glad they are not afraid of heights. I coudln’t have ever done that alone or wtihout there help.  around midnight i finally came home.  richard helped me clean up and get the rack ready for the guys tommrow.  it’s going to be a busy week.