day 10

they came by and checked the mic lines. we had actually tested the night before so today didn’t take to long. We found a few issues but they took care of them. We have one return that needs to be worked on but they should have that squared today. All that’s left is to setup the dsp and then they should be done.
Now us on the other hand..
Before pratice tonight i need to

  • Setup In ear monitors for lead vocialist (wireless)
  • Setup In ear monitors for drums and perc (wired)
  • Re-label board
  • Wire up drums
  • Before Sunday

  • Wire RGB from equiptment room to control room
  • Audio send from booth to control room AES Digital
  • Audio send from control room computer to booth
  • Clear Com from Ctrl room to CA4
  • Clear Com from Ctrl room to Booth
  • Configure Frame Sync
  • Soon

  • Clear under stage
  • prepare room for mona
  • send off Extron for repair
  • send off Cannon for repair