Day 3

They got to the really hard work today.  The subs were raised up into the speaker cluster.  Being where it was.. they couldn’t use the lift they brought to easiily put them in place.  But they didn’t do it the way we used to.. by hand.  They were smart and raised it by pulley.  So those two huge subs were put up there, and two of the front speakers were put in place.  2 down.. eight to go.  Also the the punchdown pannels in the amp rack are being wired up right now.

It’s so nice to see something around this place actually being done properly and professionaly.  I think one of the most discouraging things around here is the way things are put together.  Not just equiptment wise but personell, construction, classes.  The chapel is a great example.  When it was remodeled it was mentioned that they wanted some nice mood lighting.  So sonnie began working on putting together a system on dimmers and either par cans or source 4’s.  But shortly after that was discussed, he came in to the chappel 4 home grade flood lights had been installed on a home grade dimming switch.  That’s just one example.  I know there is a level of responsibilty of being frugal.. but at the expense of quality.. there needs to be a ballance.  Do you think Olsteen decided to use xspots instead of lynx v-100’s just because one had a cooler name than the other. 

So i degress.. it’s nice to see something in these facilities being done right and professionaly.  I have to hand it off to Ford AV for being able to pull this off here.  I’m anxious to see how it’s all going to end up.