day 5

wow.. not much is left.  I was worried about the lenght of the cables we ran from the floor pockets to the equiptment room.  Originaly we ran them way back when for the intention of eventually doing this project.  This morning we found a few that were kind of short.  So after work i came by with the intention of replacing the short cables but when i got there after work he had found extra wire wond up under the stage and it made the perfect lenght.  As a matter of fact, all of the punch down was complete in the rack.. the pannels were in place and the amps and dsp were installed.  also all of the front speakers were installed and two of the rear ones were done.  That means that all that’s left are two more rear speakers, speaker cable, and connecting the cable from the rack to the patch pannels in the booth.  This is really comming along.