day 7

sunday service went off without a hitch. we setup a tempoary system on the stage with the old speakers that used to be in the cluster. The horns from the tops were all shoty so we put the yahama’s up there and went 2-way. it worked out ok. Actually- during the preaching i (and everyone else) was suprised at the clairty that pastor was sounding. I belive it comes down to when pastor put that blue fabric over the cabinets that isn’t sound permiable (sp) and it muffed the high end. Now all that’s up there is the sub’s and they won’t have any problem getting through that stuff.
After service patti and i had lunch, than i came back cleaned up the stage abit. Cleaned up the rack room, pulled all the equiptment out of the sound booth rack and began reassembling it properly. It’s so great to be able to pull everything out and start afresh. A clean slate to put things in exactally the way they should go. After looking over the work that Ford AV was doing, the attention to detail and the way that Lloyd was explaning why he did certain things- I really began to admire his work. Even though it makes for a long day.. it pays off in the end trying to pick up things from him and mimic them within our own setup.
I almost wish we could have had them do more around here. We’ll just have to bring them back for Phase 4.
Romeo came by and helped me push that conduit all the way to the end of the south wall. Now all that’s left is to get it around or through the corner into my office.