Degree or NOT degree?

I just read an interesting post by Nino, those of you may remember him from Grace.  This is a really talented guy and is really being held back by the man just because of a piece of paper.  I mean, i’m not saying that a college degree isn’t important but in the line of work that we do, IT work that is, I never learned the stuff that i do in the class.  I mean you spend half the time learing history of how things were.  which is good to know for trivia but when it comes to pratical day to day stuff.. it’s pretty much useless. 

One thought on “Degree or NOT degree?”

  1. It is true that people over look other variables and in my mind they are short sighted, after all our Lord Jesus did have a BA or MA or even a PHD degree. We need to look at life in a larger perspective.

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