Did we forget?

not that we’ve forgotten what happened this day 7 years ago, but we forgot how we felt that day. Those days and weeks and even months afterwords.
That day i was at church doing video editing work. Patti called and told me if i knew what had happened? I asked what channel.. she said “any channel”
She came over and together we watched what my eyes were seeing but i couldn’t believe.

in december of 02 i got to go to New York City. Anyone who’s ever been knows that you walk everywhere. We would take a daily trip each day. One day we went down to the business district, wall street, all that area. The city is always noisy. Taxis’s cars, trucks, horns.. it’s just always a town on the go. And construction everywhere. It’s not rare to see plywood and scaffold setup everywhere. As we were walking, all of a sudden it got quiet. their was an errie quiet.. and a wall of plywood around a walk way. it wasn’t until i began looking around that all of a sudden i recognized where i was. I can still remember that feeling. The rawness of not only the earth at that location but the quietness, the reverence and respect that that place had. it was like walking into a catholic church. On the last trip i took to NYC we didn’t go by there. I don’t think i could stand to see that area in any other state then when i last saw it. i don’t think i could comprehend how people could speak in a voice louder than a whisper in that area. i don’t want to ever forget.

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