Dreaded day

Delivery Schedule
Market: McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen (269)
Report: All Available
Survey: Spring 2005
Report Date Time
Advance Ratings 8/4/2005 11:00
Hispanic Tape Mail Date 8/9/2005 16:00
Maximi$er/MediaPro via ADE and TapMedia* 8/5/2005 9:00
Radio Market Report Mail Date 8/10/2005 15:00

One thought on “Dreaded day”

  1. i was expecting hot kiss to do better, where did all there people go? The rock had a really good book. i’m sure wild is eating it up all they can. oh well.. maybe next book. Jammin did some dammage. Newstalk did well overnights.. even better than kurv. they still kicked our butt though.

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