Dumb Verizon

This happens about twice a year. I was sitting at my desk and a little popup appeared on the bottom right hand portion of my screen showing that my email was working in “off-line mode” A good indication that our T1 circut is down. tried pinging a router up in the corporate office, “request timed out”

Ran over to the local router, peeked around back, and an orange light on the AL (Alarm Indicator) The first call of action would be to notify corporate so they can get the repair guy on it. picked up the cell phone, no service… hum.. tried the land line, “your request can not be completed at this time”

A senerio we experience here in Weslaco, TX about twice a year. Someone with backhoe pulls up a batch of wires along the side of the road wondering “I wonder if they needed that” In an area surrounded by ATT, Verizion occupies about 4 towns in south texas, and none of them are neighbors. I’m not knocking Verizon. They are doing awesome things in big cities, like NY, they are delivering FIFO, fiber straight to your home with internet, tv, phone.. everything over fiber. Really cool stuff. But here in the valley, it just seams like they don’t care. These little CO’s are like the black-headed step children of the company. There is only one path in and out of verizon weslaco and it’s with that fiber optic line. everyone in the town uses that one circut. If your lucky, you can go out to the road, pick up a stray cell-tower in mercedes or alamo and get coverage their… but you’ll be roaming $$$.

Ironicly, i had a meeting with a seprate telco that serves this area that same day. We are working on switching over to them, and when we do- it will help to alleviate all these troubles. Also, Smartcom is a small business. I met with the Director of Operations and have his email and direct phone number. This is a guy that really knows his stuff and i’m confident- in the event of a problem, he’ll be able to help me out. Rather than calling some call-center, talking to Mohamad in broken English just to try and get to a tech support person.

Anyway… it’s been a hectic two days. putting up with people has been the hardest.

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Sounds like you did your due diligence. Just need to be sure there are no issues this friday at metropolis.

Fyi there is also a live broadcast tomorrow night at Club fuego. This will be a Good time to work out any kinks if there are any.

Irene, you may want your techs to get to the clubs early this week to be sure there are no issues connecting. Just to be safe. Just a suggestion.

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We’ve done all the standard test.

We tested loopback CO-to-Demark

Pair test between our equipment here and the CO directly.

Shorted the remote side, it tested fine here

Dialed up the Telos test signal, got audio on L3-Dual (same method as used for all the clubs)

Swapped modems, both tested no issue.

I could dial up on the other one the same test center.. hang on a sec.

Ok.. dialed up with that one too.. Jay Z was there to verify that I did.

Not sure what else I could do –

If there is anything you’d like to try out your welcome to.. I’m just not sure what else we could do.

Are any of the remote BRI’s your using in Verizon territory? If so they may have also been affected by the DS3 interruption. If i’m correct, all of your clients are in ATT area, but I’m not sure and I wouldn’t have any authority to issue repair tickets with their provider if there was an issue. That would be the only foresee-able hang up.

But again.. if you have any ideas of what would put you at ease.. I’m all thumbs.

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Can we make sure there will be no issues with connectivity with our isdn lines for live broadcasts this week?.

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*Final Update*

The BRI has been restored and tested. Life should be back to normal. Any more problems let me know.

names have not been changed to protect the technically challenged. My favorite was Billy Santiago though. He just gave up and ended up talking to the GM. I don’t intentionally talk over these guys head.. but at the same time, they are in this line of business.. they should at least know what they are talking about. I shouldn’t be expected to draw pictures to describe why none of this is working.