dumb virus

friday morning patch’s computer was doing something really wierd. I took a look at it and observed that the antivirius program was killed and a strang process was running “wrapper.exe” so i killed the process and restarted the antivirus program. it woudln’t start so i loaded up the most recent version i have and things seamed to be ok. I got back to my desk and found an email from our virus people stating.. if you see the process “wrapper.exe” then your computer is sick. This little bugger was nasty. Just about ever pc in our on-air system caught this bug mostly because we can’t do updates that offten without taking the stations off the air during reboots. Ok so fixing this thing meant killing the process.. removing it from the registry, rebooting, loading up the new antivirus program, loading the ms updates, rebooting again, and then starting the music system back up. some computers were easier than others. one pc had really mutaited itself. I ended up leaving saturday a 5:30am. needless to say i didn’t make it to angel food. sunday there wasn’t any cell group so we just kind of hung out. I was thinking of the movie “dazed and confused” and what do you know .. it was on E!. The tv version was a little wierd.. like watching Pulp Fiction on TNT but you kind of still got the idea.