EAS Reciever

I often wonder about who is at the other end of our EAS recievers at the radio station.   Down here in south texas the i typically see Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Hurricane Warnings, but i never give much thought to the guys putting this stuff out on our ticker-tape.  This guy is one of those persons.  Check out his encounter with something called a Tornado.  Don’t really see them across these parts, but looks like they are a real bugger.

Eagle Pass had one of those tornado things not to long ago.  Some radio stations were being critized for not issuings alerts.  Actually one mexican station and the other time warner (no big suprise).   People were complaing that they had no warning.  I went ahead and reviewed the configuration of all our our EAS recievers for all of our stations and they are all setup to automatcily relay Tornado Watches and Warnings for there local broadcast area.  Ok.. i sleep a little better a night.   (actually the night i did that, there was a tornado watch issued for our area.  I was got the alert first on my mobile pda, so then went to tv and turned on the radio to make sure we were going to carry it.. sure enough, our station relayed the alert but on my digital cable box, the words EAS were displayed on the front pannel, the channel switched to channel 2, then the tv went back to my orignal channel.  no alert or crawl or anything.. oh well.. what can you expect from TWC.