Edinburg high school is having there christmas pro

Edinburg high school is having there christmas proformance tonight at the church. I’ll probably be leaving here early today to get them ready. Patti dropped me off at saturn to get my car picked up. That took about 3 hours. Anyway. I got that mostly fixed up.

It’s funny how some people suprise you. The past month has been filled with suprises about people i thought i knew very well. Friends i’ve known for years, people who share alot with and i thought could be competely honest with me. Only now some of this stuff has really taken me aback. i guess i’m taking a different view of them. What really has me, puzzled, is how they can put on this show for me and make me belive these things about them only to find the truth out and feel, what’s the word, betrayed?

And its’ not like they have done anything to betray me, i don’t have a right to feel anyway. but i’m just starting to see them in a whole new light. Like, oh.. so this is how you really are. Should i still fake a smile?