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  2. One of my favorite telemarketer scumbags is a guy named Richard Salvador aka Richard Dunbar of Great Northwest Advertising (http://www.penslinger.net). Richard spoofs his caller id using http://www.spoofcard.com. Richard served 5 years (was sentenced to 9) for his part in one of the nations largest telemarketing scams in U.S. history. He was targeting and ripping off senior citizens. The FBI sting operation was called “operation disconnect”. Richard routinely threatens to kill people. Customers, competitors, empolyees etc. He likes to record himself doing so. Richard recently put his 14 year old daughter in the hospital. He’s a real bad ass. Big martial arts tough guy. His ex wife and daughter are now in hiding. He uses methamphetamines and steroids. Nice combo. Richard is currently a felon who owns stolen firearms.
    Check this out:
    Great Northwest Advertising customer service policy:

    Richard threatening his competition with a bullet to the head:
    Richard lives at 4192 Ridgewood Ave.
    Bellingham WA
    Richards home phone:360-714-0038
    Richard cell phone:360-820-8220

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