Elaine, website, visitor pack, and projector network.

We’ve had Elaine at church since Saturday.  Tonight is finally the last night.  Not that it’s been bad, but i’ve missed being at home.  On top of Elaine, we’ve had a projector problem that actually revealed three problems.  overheating caused by clogged filters.  but can’t change the filters because when sonnie installed these, they didn’t use the right mount plates so the ones they used blocked access to the filters.  so Randall made a new mount interface so i could use the proper plate.  The overheating took it’s toll on the projector so that needs to be sent in for repair.  While the 2nd projector was removed from the video chain, i noticed the the other projector was acting funny.  the sync isn’t in balance anymore and that’s revealed a problem with our video distribution equipment.  that stuff is over 11 years old.  so that’s getting replaced.  On top of all that, pastor is still bugging for the new visitor pack dvd.  I’ve been spending most of my free time (ha!) rebuilding the church website.  you can see the Release Candidate or ABGRACE RC1.0 here.  The official launch is Saturday.  It’s built on wordpress and the podcast is linked to the iTunes store.  Hopefully everything will be functional and ready by saturday.  I can’t afford to wait on this anymore, i need to finish that dvd and not to mention make a master of the elaine hollar series.  Oh well.. next week will be back to normal.

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