end of one book, ready to start another

Yes, it’s true.  I turned in my resignation on Wednesday.  Around January of this year i started watching sites like Dice, TWC and Monster for job openings.  That’s when word started going around about job cuts here at clear channel.  I’ve been laid off before when i was at Mobile (now Shell) It’s a sucky feeling.  Thank goodness i had a job opening already lined up by the time that word came down.  Now that sucky feeling was starting to set in all over again.  I updated my resume and posted it hoping to see what was out there.

6 and a half years ago i was working for TWIN internet as their network administrator.  my sister called me saying she heard a commercial on the radio that they were looking for a computer guy.  i didn’t hear the spot myself but i ended up finding it later on.


I met with Danny Fletcher, Lori and Kevin who apparently was the guy doing the IT stuff around here.  So that interview obviously went well.  I remember when i was young i wanted to work at b104 back when it was b104.  *sigh* In those six and half years i’ve gotten to some amazing things that i am truly grateful for those chances.  built 4 new radio stations, helped install HD, figured out how to run HD2, help setup other markets HD2, installed SatL and figured out how to test them, setup DID and PRI functionality, disconnected about 30 pots from Verizon, EVDO codecs, helped setup a newstalk station, did the live engineering of football games on that newstalk station, setup internet streaming.. and i’m sure lot of other things i can’t think of right now.

I got to work with allot of people who have grown to be more than just co-workers.  I’ve made friends.  and i don’t pick many people to be friends with.  I’ve gotten to see them get married, have their first child, be at their birthday parties.. laugh with them, yell with them (or listen to them yell) and cry with them.

The time has come, to talk of other things.

I did a few interviews.  I’ve always enjoyed interviews.  It’s kind of like being a pushy car-salesman for a change.  Trying to sell myself to these companies.  Back in June of this year i got an email from this company.  Due to previous commitments they were not going to be able to interview until august.  I made an appointment and let time pass.  Well.. the day of the interview came and i can honestly say i had the best interview i ever had.  I didn’t even realize that almost 4 hours had passed.  I made it conversational, i knew my talents and my abilities and was confident from the beginning that I was the best person for this position.  I made sure to dominate the conversations and not pass the control to the other teams.  Until i was exhausted and out of questions to ask.

A few days later they emailed back and wanted a 2nd interview.  We talked again and got into some more specific questions and task.  What if’s and how would you’s mostly.  With the experience i have, i was able to answer most of the questions with.. “well.. when i had that problem once i did this…”

so later that day i get a 3rd email.  This time they wanted to meet to make an offer.  I already knew i wanted this job.  The chance to be a part of a research time on the cutting edge of some of the most exciting things being done today.  A chance to get back in a network admin position.  And the chance to design a network and data infrastructure basically from the ground up.

So the next day i turned in my letter of resignation. Today i turned in my letter of acceptance with the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center part of the Texas A&M System.  My first day is Sept 1.

I am so excited.  September can’t get here fast enough.