Engineer of the year

Each year Clear Channel gives out an Engineer of the year award.  This year our chief enginneer got the award from our region.

Southwest: Ken Meek
Ken Meek Chief Engineer of our Valley stations in Texas, has been devoted to his craft  for over 45years. He never seems to get tried of the challenges that we thrust upon him.  This engineer is so modest he would tell you that others engineers deserve this honor more then him, and has done so on many occasions. This engineer is a people person,  in others words not only is he good at what he does,  but the people around him, whether in slaes, programming and management, love working with him.

Ken would never expect an award for simply doing what he loves.  Ken has moved two stations to new sites and at the same time added four more stations.  He even persuaded his wife since he had no assistant engineer into helping him wire the facility!  The work he and his wife produced turned out to be a work of pride and met our high standards of engineering excellence. When  they completed  the install of the stations the GM was so impressed he gave them both a onus. I was surprised to find out that he and his wife  donated the full amount to the mission across the border for the poor.   Ken is a humble and well respected engineer. Knowledgeable in all aspects of broadcasting,  and  true professional in his field. This Engineer is Ken

Meek  Chief Engineer of our Valley stations in Texas.  This last year Ken prepared for two hurricanes, one that did make it’s way  to the south tip of the valley, and did do some damage, but Ken was like many engineers staying at the studios awaiting the outcome the next day.  This last year Ken’s FMs were the first Clear Channel stations to go IBOC in Texas and are still the only IBOC stations in the valley. He did the IBOC HD2 installs on schedule working over nights even with sickness falling upon him , the day after the install he found he had pneumonia, but still was so proud when he finished he called from his hospital bed to tell our RVPE (Gil Garcia) that everything was complete!  This year Ken was proud to say that his are the first and still the only HD2 stations in the Valley.  Ken has made it a point to mentor his new assistant, John, saying he’s “getting older and wants someone to take his place and use his knowledge.