One of the most useless keys on the keyboard now a days with the modern PC is the Esc key.  I mean, how manytimes in your life do you think you’ve actually ever pushed the Esc key.  I remember back in the days of dos my favorite word processing program was PC Write.  This was a huge step up from Wordperfect and Tandy’s editor.  Oh the hours spent with PC Write and I.  And the Esc key would leave the wordprocessing “window” and move back to the main screen. 

I wish there was an Esc key in life sometimes.  when work becomes overwhelming, or people become mean, or things just aren’t working out, Esc and your out of the window and back to a safe area.  Like playing chase.  I was playing with the Leal kids a while back and we were playing chase out in there back yard.  They would run around while i would try and catch them and then they would to to the saftey area.  And as long as they were in that safety area, nothing could happen to them. 

Somtimes i wish i could find a safety area.�