Everyone was a little excited over the half a poin

Everyone was a little excited over the half a point lead from 104, everyone except Cyndi of course.. but that shouldn’t be suprising. 1600AM goes off the air today. This whole week has really be stressing. Eric’s computer’s guts are still spilled all over my floor, i haven’t gotten to work on it yet and that really needs to get out so his dad can come fix my heater. Last night after service the youth wanted to film so we started that but then the editor wanted to lock up on me. We had to take three takes before the machine would capture it. It was a scene were John Walker and Mark Sanchez took down shots of pancake syrup. So by the time the night was over that had 6 shots each of this really gross stuff. Then i have to finish getting ready for patti’s birthday today trying to cordinate all this stuff with her kids without her finding out. I also haven’t gotten a new insurance on my car and that’s almost done. I also haven’t got my oil changed yet, Jeff Walker want’s his pc fixed, i have to pick up amy at the airport tonight, pick up the music for the performance to download, get a rooftop antenna for the superbowl game this sunday and install that into the cable distro system at church, do melba’s rehersal at the civic center, again saturday all day, and the performance is sunday, i think by sunday evening i’m going to want to hide. Especailly after dealing with mrs. melba. She’s sweet and all but i have the director giving me instructions in the headset, and mrs melba comes up to the sound booth and gives me totally different directions.. so yeah.. a little frustrating.