exciting afternoon

For the past week, i’ve been working on planning the transistion of moving our telephone provider at work from Verizon (yuck) to Smartcom (yea)  This includes adding a PRI circut and a channelbank from Smartcom to provide our CO trunks.  No big deal right?  well.. all of our current CO trunks are comming from a whole other room than where our PBX is.  And the wiring was originally done right, but as things kept getting added and removed and added and removed, well.. it just became unorginized.  So tonight i’m pulling it all out.  After that, i’m going to replace it in a method that makes sense.  and when it comes time to move over finally, then all i have to do is move a few wires and volia!  I’m planning on going back to work after church to start all this fun so i left early today to get some rest while i still could.  I’m driving home and miss my exit and couldn’t get over to the right fast enough to make it.  ok.. fine. i’ll get off on 2nd.. well.. as i’m trying to get off on 2nd/10th street a bang and then a huge clould of white smoke.. so much that i coudln’t see through it.  I figured the car in front of me must have had a blown out.. so that green tahoo moves over off to the side and when the smoke finally cleared, i pulled up behind them only to see this little kid laying on the ground.. everyone is getting out of the car and the dad i guess gets out of the drivers side and scoops up this kid on the pavement.  As i approach the car it’s got flames comming out from the rear of it’s undercarriage.  So i motion for them to get behind my car and ask in my best spanish if there was anyone else in the car.  people were stopping and all of a sudden there must have been about 4 different fire extingishers right there putting out the fire.  there was also an ambulance right there behind us who just happened to be there.  they took the girl who was just scratched up a bit around her face.  Must have freaked out and tried to jump out of the car?  by the time the fire got there and police eventually, all the fun was extinguished and all they had to do was push the car off the ramp.  oh well.. it promises to be an exciting night.