Everyone has a FAQ, i want one too.

1. Where can I purchase your, um, products?

I haven’t sold out yet.. but who knows.. maybe soon.

2. Why don’t you have any thing for sale?

Ok ok, if you really want to buy something send money and I’ll send you something back.

3. I have a good idea. Can I tell you?

You can send me any ideas but if you send, I will probably just steal it.

4. I had a weird dream. Can you interpret it?

Was it that dream where you’re dressed in sort of sun-god-like robes, and thousands of women are screaming your name and throwing little pickles at you?

5. Uh, no

Why am I the only one who has that dream?

6. Slow zombies (Night of the Living Dead) or fast zombies (28 Days Later)?

While fast zombies scare the marbles out of me, the relentless perseverance of the slow ones get my vote, especially when you open a door and about a hundred of ’em slowly pour into the room with you. Ugh!