Finally done

Finally done.? Now we resume our normaly scheduled life already in progress.? I’ll post a preview video of the final DVD later today when i get a chance to make it.? It all turned out really well.? What suprised me was the amount of people comming up to us afterwards remarking on how well the perfomance went.? I was suprised.? Pricialla came up to Patti and I and was extrememly impressed with everything.? That meant alot and made me realize that this program really turned out well.? Everybody did awesome.? The people speaking, the floor action, the cues, the videos, the filming, kids, james.. everyone.? It was really awesome.? Seriously, i would rate this right up there with the quality of production that “Glory and the Fire” bring and it didnt’ cost us $15,000?? Sorry.. sore subject.? Anyway.? Here is the preview.