First, a note on talking

In light of recent inquiry, here is an excerpt from the ICBE…

Usually, talking at a urinal situation is frowned upon. Conversation may occur directly prior to urinal use, or directly after it, but while engaged at the urinal, verbal communication should be nil. Furthermore, actual conversation may only occur between two individuals who entered the washroom together. Under no circumstances should you start a conversation with someone whom you simply discovered to be in the bathroom when you arrive. A simple grunt or monosyllabic word is acceptable to acknowledge the other’s existence, but that is all. Period.

Now if you are a woman, you can probably ignore all that. You are taking so long in there we know you can’t possibly *just* be going to the bathroom, so you must be talking with the other 7 girls that went in there with you. Frankly we haven’t got a clue what happens in there.

Even Stick Figures Have Good Etiquette!