For Patti

Sometimes i don’t know how you can put up with my chaotic life. Between long days at the office, long nights at the church, my weird family and all the drama that comes in between all of that, I’m surprised you’ve managed to stay sane. I know the biggest reason I haven’t been picked up by the guys in a generic white van is because you’ve kept me intact through all the madness. Weeks like these are hard, especially after having one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long time.. having to come back down to reality and the normal day to day routines. I’m going to try and finish off everything tonight so that we can have the weekend again. Or Saturday at least.
I love you Patti. Not just because you keep my life in order but because you’ve given me my life back. At least the enjoyable parts. You give me a reason to smile in the morning, I actually anticipate coming home, where before I would work as long as I needed to… not in any hurry to get home. I love going over to your house, hanging out with you and the kids. Even if we’re not doing anything other than just watching CSI on tv. I enjoy that. I love you not just for the big things.. but for the little things too.
One of these days life will be back to normal.. when everything is done and gone, life will be normal.

One thought on “For Patti”

  1. Having you in my life is such a priviledge that I dont consider it any of what you describe as a “burden”. We love you and the things you do for us. There is nothing wrong with working hard. I know it seems like your away so much of the time, but we know you are doing this to make a better life for all of us, together. We support you in your work and ministry efforts and do not consider any of it as “drama”. As far as “normal”? I think our lives ARE normal. We are all healthy, God is present and in control of this family, He provides for our needs, and we are able to bless others. In fact, I’d say we are pretty blessed! Thank you for all that you do for us – and with us. I love you.

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