6034today was the Clay Walker golf tournament. 6044 Jojo and Patches were going to be doing the morning show live from the golf course at 6 am, so i had to be there at 5:30, so i had to be up at 5.  Patti came with me and helped me setup as well as help with things there.  I have to admit, i’m not much of a golf person but i learned alot.  like what mullets are and what these things are.  6038

around 9 they picked up and took the show on the road via golfcart. 

6050605960536065 i wired up the cart, patches drove around with one hand, holding the mic with the other.  patti and i followed behind them.  we even met up with Clay and had a blast hanging out with him.  He’s such a cool artist.  you almost have to stop and remember that hey, this is the star of the whole show.  He was on a team with Tim Smith and Marc Dopher.  6062At 10 when the show was over, we packed up.  came home.. took a nap, then headed over to the arena to setup for chris’s show from out there.  now.. i’m pooped.

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