wow.. it’s been a good day. i had misplaced not just one but both my gerbers. my main and my backup. I was quite disapointed. Everyone who knows me knows how much i use that on a daily basis. I still remember my first gerber *sigh* i was at cornerstone for the first time, i just met TLP and was running spot light for them on Encore 1. Kirt had this really cool utility tool that everyone was admiring. I was trying to tighten up some cheeseburgers and he handed me his gerber. i was amazed at this tool and it’s ease of use. Ever since then i have been a faithful gerber user. I’ve since then gone through several over the years. I think i own three right now.. one romeo gave me that even has interchangable heads. but my two small ones are my daily use ones. I know i misplaced on in the youth building and the other i thought was in my car. i’ve been going this past week in morning when last night in the youth building i found one of them ontop of the amp rack. Yeah! and then this morning i was taking some huricane gear out of the back of my vehicle and there was my other gerber! so yeah. .i’m quite excited today. such simple pleasures eh?