Fr. Joe

So i was driving home, their was a car fire on the other side of the express way so i called it into the producer of our traffic network.  On the phone he said some lady called in about some mess near the toyota dealershpi on 83 but she had no idea what direction she was going or where she was otherwise.  He asked if i could drive by their and help.  Good thing i did.. their was a big mess WB on 83 at Jackson Rd.  backed up all the way to 2nd street.  i turned off on main to go home when i got the impression to go to compusa to get a part i needed for the christmas program sunday night.  While i was their i ran into Father Joe.  Now.. i’m not catholic.  I was baptised catholic as a baby, went to CCD, grew up next door to a catholic church in Bryan.  but when we moved to the ranch, my parents went to the baptist church, which meant that i went to the baptist chuch.  When Father Joe came to San Isidro we got to know eachother.  He was a computer geek and so was i so we both got along.  I also had the chance to help the church with audio support during their christmas programs.  I also went to the wednesday night classes their.
So anyway.. years past and we lost touch but i always wondered what happened to him.  Well turns out he’s in weslaco, and of all places the church i pass by just about every day when i’m at work.  We exchanged cards.  We’ll have to do lunch some time.

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  1. Father Joe…

    In my 30 years, he’s the *only* priest I’ve ever known who actually made me feel excited about going to church every Sunday morning. He’s an awesome guy, and was a real asset to the Catholic church in S.I. Back in he day, he motivated so many of us young people. I think I’ll look him up next time I’m home…

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