Freakin’ Wankers: DQ Freak Out

so Hannah and i were driving home and i had a sudden craving for a sundae and she wanted a blizzard so we pulled into the drivethru right by the house.  by now my mouth could already taste the soft-serve with the hard chocolate shell dripping from the sugar cone. 

so we pull up to the inaudible speaker and we place our order.  “oh, i’m sorry” the distorted voice on the other end says.  “we don’t have any ice-cream”

long pause

“uh.. this is dairy qween right?”

“yeah, the machine is messed up, we have chicken fingers, dilly bars, hamburgers…  “the voice rambled on but i’m still there in shock.  interrupting her, “you don’t have any icecream?” i’m waiting for the hidden camera crew to come out and we’d be on the new DQ commercial.  they never came.  put the car in reverse and spent the rest of the drive home in mournful silence.

2 thoughts on “Freakin’ Wankers: DQ Freak Out”

  1. We don’t have Dairy Queens or Sonics up here so whenever I want ice cream, I have to go to Baskin Robbins, even when all I want is soft serve.

    That sounds like it would the premise for a “No More Whoppers” knock-off commercial.

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