Freaking Wankers: Bordefest

you know, i consider myself a tolerant person and i don’t typically use this medium as an outlet to bash people or organization unless they truly warent it.  those previously bashed by me on my website include the likes of

Verizion (GTEC legacy), Time Warner Cable RGV, Dairy Qween and the dumb sales manager at the civic center.

Any way.. so someone get’s this bright idea to do this treasure hunt contest.  which in theory isn’t such a bad idea, but the execution of the whole deal went way wrong.  Not sure who’s the blame on this one.. the city of hidalgo, the dodge areana or the marketing person for the dodge areana.  although i would be inclined to belive the latter of the three is reflective of all parties involved.  here in the office we have all been frustrated with her specifically and spent no small amount of time venting and trying to figure out if it was at all our fault.  it seams however that this reputation of her lack of foresight and proper execution is something that has followed her throughout her current and previous employment.  I don’t wish many people ill, but i would be strongly inclined to nudge this person in a new career path more suited to her abilities and strengths, none of which include marketing.

A few examples?  sure! This contest was sopoused to drive people to our websites to get certian information they could then use on the border fest website to provide exposure for the border fest sponsors.    People would listen on air for a code.  they would go to our site to get the link.  they would go to that link and enter the code and viola get to the page.  on that page they would search for the sponsors logos, count them up and at the end of the contest tally them and the first so many people would get entered for a prize.

sounds easy enough.  well, a few of the problems they had were, they didn’t give us the right links to post on our sites, they didn’t provide us all the sponsor logos until the day before execution, there rules stated that the code would be entered on their website but they were amusing we would have a code checker on our site, they didn’t have the code working on one particular day, they allowed previous links to be repeated, they used standard html for their links rather than a link generator with an expiration validator, on standard html rather than shmtl, they were posting their pages as graphics with no text so mobile readers could not see their pages, on the last day they had a picture of the email address people could mail their talley’s to to enter the contest rather than a submission form or database entry, and the last headache i’ve had to deal with regarding these people, the address they posted wasn’t even a working address.

What’s most frustrating all of these issues are beyond my control.  they are in the control of those people who have proven themselves time and time again to be incapable of pulling off a professional technical job.  Remember the night of WWE shortly after the opening of the arena out their.  I bought my brother some tickets and they went to find their seat and the seat didn’t even exist.  and the house sound system wasn’t working so they used the sound system i shipped with the radio station instead.  litterly, drove the b104 (back then it was still b104) van inside the arena and used the melfart system we had used for the “tailgate party” just hours before.   Or the time we tried to get them to allocate us an ISDN broadcast line no less than 5 times out their and they can never get the allocation right… or no less than 8 times we’ve tried to get a hardwired ethernet connection.. they don’t have any standard patching mechanism for their network drops, just terminated cat5’s running throughout- same color but some support the cash register system, some on the ticket system and some they don’t even know where they go.  if your going to have multiple system, have your cat 5 jacks mounted (not surface mount jacks laying on the floor with the sticky tack worn off) with labeled jacks on each port, terminated to a central wiring closet.  Then with your layer 3 switch patch each one to the proper VLAN.  what else can i complain about, oh trying to get an analog phone line out there.  “sure..we’ll give you one” they say.. and then then give us an analog port off of their PBX using a VoIP SIP trunk.  i’m lucky to get 1200bps on our codec equipment.

phew.. ok.. i’m done venting for now.  now i can get back to ignoring email from them.

oh yea, almost forgot the obiligory “freaking wankers”