Fun Filled Week

Let’s see what’s going on this week

Tonight it’s another long night, moving some antennas here at the station. 

Thursday is groundhog day, and we go “public” with our 4 new stations.

Friday is Patti’s birthday

Saturday is the kite festival at the island

sunday is the big game, i need to try and get a copy of the clocks, i’m also going to need someone to run mastercontrol, another for cg, and another to actually tune the broadcast and maintain the satelite feed. 

I’m also going to need to install that projector mount sunday as well.  guess we’re not going to have time to do the boat. 

On the 11th is Megan’s birthday, On the 14th is Valentines day, On the 18th is Tori’s birthday, and the 25 is racing.