Getting the most out of your new Smart Meter

You may have noticed that AEP has been changing your old fashioned meter with a new Smart Meter.  What’s all the hub-bub about this new fandangle devices?  These are basically computers that transmit data back and forth from your meter to AEP.  It allows for new real time usage stats, it allows AEP to read you meter without sending someone to physically see your meter, it allows your new meter to talk to HAN devices in your home and it allows AEP to switch your power status remotely. 

How do you know if you have one of these new meters?  They are a few different varieties depending on the type of service you have but if you have a standard residential home with 110/220 power, it probably looks something like this…


So the past two days our home town has seen unseasonably cool weather for the past two days.  So by logging on to my meter I was able to see where we had our AC’s off and the windows open.  I can also see where they decided to close the windows and return to man made/paid cooling.


Although 15 minute reporting is a cool feature, the neatest thing about smart grid devices is the ability to add it to your HAN network.  You’ll start seeing appliances with HAN interfaces built-in soon.  Your dryer can be set to run when your power company tells you demand is low… or your dishwasher can be prevented from running during over-demand hours keeping the grid from brownouts.  You could also have a HAN thermostat to expand the wonders and possibilities. 

So how can you begin using your new smart meter,

log on to

You will need to register your residential/commercial meter. 

You will need to provide your name, email address, ESI Number (usually found on your bill) and your smart meter number, in my demonstration photo it’s the big number in the blue sticker that starts with 115    _ _ _    _ _ _  Yours may begin with something else, but it’s the 9 digit number. 

After you register you should get an email right away with a temporary password, login with that new password and then your all set!  Stay tuned for reviews on several HAN devices.